Saturday, June 16, 2012

o.h.n.o.'s been awhile since i last posted some stuff in here.things changed.back then i did not have the need to write about anything because everything was in control and i had other ways to deal with things. people always say that:

it's not true huh..people change through time..not because of it.back then,it changed me for a better person, which was what i thought at first.until i realized it was so wrong. i no longer knew who i am, no longer knew what had happened to me, until recently something happened which pulled me back into the previous place where i started.

i guess this is where i am suppose to be, even from the start. it would save us from a lot of problems. hopes and feelings do not go well with me. ignorance is bliss. lets just go with the flow and if things don't go the way i wanted it to be, so be it. lets just pray.