Sunday, November 4, 2012


I’m not saying it’s okay to be fat, I’m just saying fat people isn’t ugly. Who created the idea that skinny is pretty? Hey it rhymes!

Just because there are no fat Barbie dolls or fat top models, people label being fat as ugly. Come on lah guys, give these people a break. Some people are fat because of the genes, some because of medication, some because they have a low metabolic rate, and some because they simply love food.

People always say that a little round and fatty baby as cute and adorable, while skinny babies are ugly. Then bila dah besar terbalik pulak?

Who are we to judge people? Tak baik tau kutuk fizikal makhluk tuhan ni. Yes, people are not born fat, but who are we to say that these fat people are ugly? To me, the only thing why I’m against gaining weight is because of the diseases that might come with it. That’s why I’m struggling to lose weight.

Believe me, just because I gained few kilos, many people condemned me and they are still doing it. “Eh seha, you dah gemuklah” or “seha pakai baju tu tak cantiklah, sebab gemuk”. I was deeply upset at first, but after some time, I became thankful for what I’ve been through. You see, now I know who my real friends are, and who can accept me for who I am. People who condemn you? They just feel insecure about themselves. That’s why they have the time to criticize you. Semua benda yang berlaku, ada hikmahnya.

Be thankful, go through it with a positive attitude. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. =)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


“Why don’t you trust me?”

Do you think it’s appropriate for a person to ask another person this question? Well it seems fine and it’s common for people to ask this question but that does not make it right does it. But I’m not saying it’s wrong either.

1)A guy promised to his girl, “I will always love you and be with you forever and ever and ever” and then the guy went off to another country and met another girl and said that “this girl is by my side when you’re not”

Duhh, she’s in MALAYSIA, and you’re in BLAH BLAH BLAH country, how is she suppose to be by your side, literally?

2) Another guy made the same promise, but up until now tak kahwin-kahwin lagi.

Hell-loww, how long do you expect her to wait? She’s not getting any younger is she? And then kan, after all the quarrel, the man or woman or whatever can still ask, why don’t you trust me? Come on lah, you want people to trust you, earn it lah. It’s not that hard. Just be sincere and even if it takes years, don’t you think it’s worth it? If you’re lucky enough to earn a person’s trust, don’t be stupid enough to lose it. It’ll take a longer time to earn it back, if it’s not impossible.=)

Do listen to this song, Bust Your Windows by Jazmine Sullivan. Enjoy ;)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

o.h.n.o.'s been awhile since i last posted some stuff in here.things changed.back then i did not have the need to write about anything because everything was in control and i had other ways to deal with things. people always say that:

it's not true huh..people change through time..not because of it.back then,it changed me for a better person, which was what i thought at first.until i realized it was so wrong. i no longer knew who i am, no longer knew what had happened to me, until recently something happened which pulled me back into the previous place where i started.

i guess this is where i am suppose to be, even from the start. it would save us from a lot of problems. hopes and feelings do not go well with me. ignorance is bliss. lets just go with the flow and if things don't go the way i wanted it to be, so be it. lets just pray.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


ni luahan perasaan okay.i can't say this directly to these people so tulis sini buat lepas geram sudahlah.if baca ha faham-fahamlah sendiri ye sedara oi.

hoi awak-awak semua.the thing about FAMILY COMES FIRST or I'LL ALWAYS BE WITH YOU semua ni, guess what? there's no such thing!bullshit seriously bullshit.yeah,maybe you believe in it,because i myself belive in it too.i always PRIORITIZE the people around me FIRST before myself.every decision i make,i'll think of others first.i think i'll feel happy if the people around me are happy.

and hey,i'm not expecting people to do the same for me.i tak mintak pun.tapi kalau ye pun taknak fikir perasaan orang sangat,yang your own FAMILY ni,janganlah kurang ajar sangat.pentingkan sangat girlfriend awak tu kenapa?kalau kekal takpelah, tak sampai sebulan da tukar betina,tak payahlah susah payah nak jaga.bukan perempuan elok-elok pun.disebabkan awak sibuk sangat nak balik sebab nak charge bateri phone tu,orang lain tak dapat nak buat apa yang kita nak.hey tukarlah phone dengan orang lain kejap,cakap bateri awak habis.bukan orang tak faham.

damn!orang ni pentingkan orang ni,orang ni pentingkan orang ni.orang ni buat perangai orang ni back up.amboih.bestnye rasa ada orang sayang kita lebih kan?teringin jugak nak rasa ni!tapi guess what?not everyone can be that lucky!my nasib?i am always always always being forgotten.hey badan besar macam ni pun tak nampak ke?senang sangat nak lupa kan?last-last diri sendiri kena ingat kat diri sendiri jelah.penat dah nak mengharap dapat merasa orang pentingkan kita.i no longer believe in fairytales. menyesal tengok cartoon disney masa kecik. dah frust dah sekarang. urghhh!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011


right. i'm not going to bebel about agama and stuff here sebab i taklah hebat sangat. tak arif. and nanti kalau cakap lebih-lebih nanti ada orang cakap kita tak layak nak tegur pulak. hey you, i taulah i tak baik sangat, and according to you, i'm not perfect so i cannot tegur-tegur you. eh hello, if that is the case, then semua orang tak boleh tegur oranglah. why? sebab there's no such thing as orang yang perfect! damn. some people are really that plain stupid huh? belajar tinggi-tinggi tapi benda macam ni pun dia boleh tak fikir. tak salah tegur orang. you nak listen to it or not, that is your own choice. you don't have to like kutuk that person yang menegur. peliklah these people.

contoh okay. there's this one penagih dadah, tengah jalan-jalan, then dia nampak adik dia buang sampah atas jalan. so he said "adik, angkat balik. pergi buang dalam tong sampah". tak boleh ke dia tegur macam tu? just sebab dia penagih dadah, adik dia tak payah dengar cakap dia untuk buang sampah dalam tong sampah? just pick it up and buang jelah. dia suruh buang sampah, bukan suruh menagih dadah. benda yang betul, ikutlah regardless of siapa yang tegur tu. it's the right thing. tapi kalau datang this one beauty queen then suruh you buang sampah celah-celah sofa, takkan you nak buat kot?

so yeah, back to the main agenda, pasal aurat ni. i taklah sempurna sangat bab tutup-tutup aurat ni. tapi tolonglah, as a female, yang agamanya islam, i rasa tak perlulah you nak mendedahkan sangat aurat you yang tak perlu ditunjuk tu. seriously, like your lurah here and there, dah elok-elok pakai kemeja/blouse tu, button kanlah sampai atas. you don't need to show your sexy cleavage to the whole world. save it for your husband. kesian dia nanti dapat benda yang semua orang dah tengok. we know you're hot. you don't need to be so cheap to show things just so that people say that you're hot. mana penting? nampak hot ke jaga kehormatan diri? tak salah nak melawa. tapi ada batas. awak ada agama. ingat sikit. just because you don't look malay you can wear stuff like that. you're still muslim.

taknak pakai tudung, that's one thing. but the upper part and your legs, pleaselah. jagalah sikit. panas sangat ke sampai nak pakai macam tu? tolonglah ada harga diri sikit. taknak dengar cakap orang, at least ingat ALLAH la. i don't mean to be rude but seriously, pakaian dah melampau. orang kalau dah cantik tu, pakailah macam mana pun da memang cantik dah. tak perlu makeup segala bagai. i tak suruh orang pakai tudung. just nasihat so that tutuplah sikit your private parts. tak perlu ditunjuk benda-benda tu. tak manis dik.


yeah i get it. you're bored. you have nothing better to do. you want some new info *yeah right* and whatever the reasons you got that you have to go online.

yeah i know i'm on-lining to right now because i'm updating my blog. and other people do this too. i know. guilty as charged. but ooopss. excuse me. siapa cakap online ni salah ha. i tak cakap salah pun. i was merely stating a fact here. the reason i'm babbling about people on-lining here is because bila online tu, janganlah sampai lupa dunia ye.

facebook sana, twitter sini, ym sana, im sini, skype sana, check in sini, hai agak-agaklah sikit. jangan taksub sangat dengan online sampai lupa orang. people divorce because of facebook. ever heard of that? yelah, si suami or isteri sibuk melayan / chat with somebody else sampai lupa kat orang di rumah. ada affair dengan orang lain via internet. dude, seriously, flirting is NOT that great. why the hell do you have to flirt? awat gatai sangat ka? nak i tolong korekkan bijik mata, cuci-cuci sikit bagi BERSIH ka?

one case, this boy, is willing to kick his sister because she needs to use the broadband to check her results while he is stuck like glue to webcaming with his stupid girlfriend. so he prefers the girlfriend rather than the sister. reality check, FAMILY COMES FIRST! OKAY!

second case, "oh lupalah tengah message, sorry sangat-sangat. tengah sibuk chatting dengan perempuan lain ni". haha okay this man doesn't exactly say that he's chatting with another girl. it's just that he was chatting at that time till he forgot that he was texting with someone because of the internet.

see?nak online,onlinelah. no one's going to stop you. it's not wrong. it's just that, online untuk benda yang betullah. jangan buat benda-benda bodoh. jangan addicted sangat. jangan lupa diri. jangan online sampai lupa orang. i believe if i ask another dozen of people, they'll have more funny stories regarding this issue don't you think? ;)

Sunday, June 26, 2011


it's been a long time i wanna spill out this topic. rezeki. kerja. whatever yang berkenaan.

eh hello i bengang sangatlah. i have a part time job. yeah it doesn't pay much, and yeah it's not a glamorous job, but it is still halal. i tengah cari rezeki ni. tolonglah faham. tak perlulah nak pandang-pandang rendah kat orang ye.

tengah-tengah kerja ni, suddenly datang a group of students, my own juniors okay, speaking away rapidly as if i don't understand a word they're saying. some even try to speak as though they have a british or american or australian accent. PUH-LEEEEEZ people, ramai lagi kat luar sana yan g boleh speakinglah. tak perlulah nak berlagak depan orang yang you ingat bodoh ni. hello, i'm your senior. i just work here as a part timer you idiot. ada je yang datang speaking tapi bukan dengan niat menunjuk. kan bagus macam tu. sweet je budak-budak tu. tak perlulah nak hidung tinggi sangat.

just because we work here doesn't mean we aren't educated. and even if some people that works here are not that educated, perlu ke pandang rendah? perlu ke nak tunjuk lagak? apa? awak kaya sangat? what if Tuhan tarik balik rezeki? if that happens, entah-entah mati you sebab tak reti hidup. tak semua orang is blessed by rich parents. some have to work hard for it. stop looking down on people. it's cruel.

besides, orang yang kerja gaji banyak-banyak tu, happy sangat ke kat tempat kerja you tu sampai nak pandang rendah kat tempat orang ni? some people work for their satisfaction, not simply just the money. gaji banyak tapi stress buat ape.