Saturday, July 2, 2011


yeah i get it. you're bored. you have nothing better to do. you want some new info *yeah right* and whatever the reasons you got that you have to go online.

yeah i know i'm on-lining to right now because i'm updating my blog. and other people do this too. i know. guilty as charged. but ooopss. excuse me. siapa cakap online ni salah ha. i tak cakap salah pun. i was merely stating a fact here. the reason i'm babbling about people on-lining here is because bila online tu, janganlah sampai lupa dunia ye.

facebook sana, twitter sini, ym sana, im sini, skype sana, check in sini, hai agak-agaklah sikit. jangan taksub sangat dengan online sampai lupa orang. people divorce because of facebook. ever heard of that? yelah, si suami or isteri sibuk melayan / chat with somebody else sampai lupa kat orang di rumah. ada affair dengan orang lain via internet. dude, seriously, flirting is NOT that great. why the hell do you have to flirt? awat gatai sangat ka? nak i tolong korekkan bijik mata, cuci-cuci sikit bagi BERSIH ka?

one case, this boy, is willing to kick his sister because she needs to use the broadband to check her results while he is stuck like glue to webcaming with his stupid girlfriend. so he prefers the girlfriend rather than the sister. reality check, FAMILY COMES FIRST! OKAY!

second case, "oh lupalah tengah message, sorry sangat-sangat. tengah sibuk chatting dengan perempuan lain ni". haha okay this man doesn't exactly say that he's chatting with another girl. it's just that he was chatting at that time till he forgot that he was texting with someone because of the internet.

see?nak online,onlinelah. no one's going to stop you. it's not wrong. it's just that, online untuk benda yang betullah. jangan buat benda-benda bodoh. jangan addicted sangat. jangan lupa diri. jangan online sampai lupa orang. i believe if i ask another dozen of people, they'll have more funny stories regarding this issue don't you think? ;)

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