Tuesday, October 30, 2012


“Why don’t you trust me?”

Do you think it’s appropriate for a person to ask another person this question? Well it seems fine and it’s common for people to ask this question but that does not make it right does it. But I’m not saying it’s wrong either.

1)A guy promised to his girl, “I will always love you and be with you forever and ever and ever” and then the guy went off to another country and met another girl and said that “this girl is by my side when you’re not”

Duhh, she’s in MALAYSIA, and you’re in BLAH BLAH BLAH country, how is she suppose to be by your side, literally?

2) Another guy made the same promise, but up until now tak kahwin-kahwin lagi.

Hell-loww, how long do you expect her to wait? She’s not getting any younger is she? And then kan, after all the quarrel, the man or woman or whatever can still ask, why don’t you trust me? Come on lah, you want people to trust you, earn it lah. It’s not that hard. Just be sincere and even if it takes years, don’t you think it’s worth it? If you’re lucky enough to earn a person’s trust, don’t be stupid enough to lose it. It’ll take a longer time to earn it back, if it’s not impossible.=)

Do listen to this song, Bust Your Windows by Jazmine Sullivan. Enjoy ;)

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