Sunday, November 4, 2012


I’m not saying it’s okay to be fat, I’m just saying fat people isn’t ugly. Who created the idea that skinny is pretty? Hey it rhymes!

Just because there are no fat Barbie dolls or fat top models, people label being fat as ugly. Come on lah guys, give these people a break. Some people are fat because of the genes, some because of medication, some because they have a low metabolic rate, and some because they simply love food.

People always say that a little round and fatty baby as cute and adorable, while skinny babies are ugly. Then bila dah besar terbalik pulak?

Who are we to judge people? Tak baik tau kutuk fizikal makhluk tuhan ni. Yes, people are not born fat, but who are we to say that these fat people are ugly? To me, the only thing why I’m against gaining weight is because of the diseases that might come with it. That’s why I’m struggling to lose weight.

Believe me, just because I gained few kilos, many people condemned me and they are still doing it. “Eh seha, you dah gemuklah” or “seha pakai baju tu tak cantiklah, sebab gemuk”. I was deeply upset at first, but after some time, I became thankful for what I’ve been through. You see, now I know who my real friends are, and who can accept me for who I am. People who condemn you? They just feel insecure about themselves. That’s why they have the time to criticize you. Semua benda yang berlaku, ada hikmahnya.

Be thankful, go through it with a positive attitude. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. =)

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